10 Excellent Mobile Apps that make Travel Stress-free and Enjoyable

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What’s the secret behind a perfect trip? It’s just proper planning and nothing else. Whether you are making a business trip or going for a holiday with family and friends, you need to plan well and plan ahead if you don’t want your travel to be a messy affair. In this blog post, we have curated a list of 10 outstanding travel apps that help with bookings, packing, sightseeing, dining and so on.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets and their increasing use by the travellers of every age group, travel companies have been lured to shift their business to mobile apps. Over the years, travel biggies like, MakeMyTrip.com and TripAdvisor have successfully reached out to a large number of customers through a super functional mobile app. Those who haven’t taken this move, well, it’s high time for them to avail good mobile app development services.

1. TripAdvisor

Right planning starts with seeking valuable advice and suggestions from trusted sources. When it comes to planning a trip, what a better consultant than TripAdvisor! It’s a one-stop guide to a number of hotels, several restaurants and loads of attractions round the globe.

What can you do at TripAdvisor?

• You can go through thousands of trustworthy reviews, pictures and images.
• Know about air fares.
• Look for restaurants according to your price range and food type.
• Publish your own reviews and photographs of the destinations you’ve visited.

2. Hipmunk

For one-stop travel booking, Hipmunk is hailed among the best travel apps. The in-app booking facility is excellent, kudos to the mobile app development services provider that created this wonderful travel app.

Top features of Hipmunk

• Fast and easy flight and hotel search
• Last minute hotel deals and bookings
• Heat maps generating information about nearby hotels and restaurants
• Access reviews from TripAdvisor
• Smooth and swift in-app bookings

3. SkyScanner

Looking for awesome discounts on domestic and international flight bookings? Starting from finding hot deals and comparing prices to reserving tickets right on the app, SkyScanner is your most reliable guide when you wish to travel by air.

How can SkyScanner help you?

• Find the most suitable deals by comparing prices between a large number of flights and airlines.
• Filter flight search according to price, airline, flight duration, cabin class, etc.
• In-app flight bookings

4. TripIt

A worriless travel planning is what TripIt offers as it sends you a clear and comprehensive itinerary once you mail your confirmed travel details. This app can be the inspiration for the travel companies planning to build mobile apps. They need to hire efficient mobile app development services to get a smart and super functional travel app like that of TripIt.

How does TripIt work?

With your email account linked to TripIt, the app accesses travel booking confirmations from your inbox and based on that information, it creates an itinerary. Travellers can share their itineraries among their circles.

5. PackPoint

Are you confused about what to pack and what to not for your business or leisure trip? Download the PackPoint app and get a list of what you need to pack and the amount of things you should carry.

How to use PackPoint?

• At first, make a trip profile entering the travel destination, duration of the trip and citing whether it is a leisure or business trip.
• Based on the information entered, the app creates a complete list of the essential things to pack according to the weather condition of the place you are visiting and several other aspects.
If you go for the premium version of the app, you can take advantage of the TripIt integration feature that enables the creation of a packing list automatically.

6. LoungeBuddy

Setting off early to catch flight is no doubt good, but what if you reach the airport a couple of hours in advance? Then, you seriously need an airport lounge to sit back and relax. Download the LoungeBuddy app and locate the lounge in your airport.

Just insert your trip details, lounge memberships and elite status, and you will be able to choose, book and access your airport lounge from a big list. You can take photographs and post them along with publishing reviews.

7. Expensify

Tracking expenses is really a tricky job when you are on a business trip. But, with the help of Expensify, you can make it very easy. This fabulous app aids business travellers with a complete expense report. The major highlights of the app include the Smart Scan and the automatic currency conversion features.

Top features of Expensify

• Importing information about the user’s purchases from credit cards and e-receipts
• Receipt scanning enabled by the Smart Scan feature
• Automatic currency conversion
• Tracking expenses based on time and rate

The emergence of a number of outstanding travel apps bear testimony to the farsightedness of the travel companies who have taken the smartest business decision to pull in a lot of customers through a mobile app. It also testifies to the proficiency of the mobile app development services providers that have showcased immense skills in designing and developing such high performance apps.

8. HopStop

In an unexplored place, it is quite natural to feel nervous when travelling via bus or train. But, often that unnerving feeling ruins the fun of a vacation. The HopStop app has been developed to help travellers follow the correct bus or train route in a city unknown to them.

How to use HopStop?

It’s really simple. You just need to enter the start destination and the end spot, and then, you will find the right travel route whether it is train or bus you wish to board.

9. Yelp

Yelp is your ultimate guide when you want to locate the best dining and shopping opportunities in the city you are travelling. You can base your decision of visiting a particular restaurant by taking a peek into its reviews.

How to use Yelp?

• Select category and search for restaurants.
• Know about the shops situated in close proximity of your hotel using GPS service.
• Find out about shops and restaurants entering the city name.

10. XE Currency

This currency conversion app is a must on your smartphone or tablet when you are travelling abroad. You can look up for the most updated exchange rates. Furthermore, XE Currency saves your search and queries, and you can access them anytime offline.

So, these are the 10 travel apps that can save you from a disorganized and bitter travel experience. Also, these 10 apps can serve as an impetus for an emerging travel company regarding how to draw the attention of customers for business success. A company offering top-notch and cost-efficient mobile app development services like AppSolz can help travel businesses with a perfect mobile app.

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