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Mobile Application Development CompanyFounded in 2010, AppSolz has been working consistently towards building mobile applications for both small and enterprise solutions that can transform the way you work with your clients.

Most of the well-known brands today in the world are aiming to create immediate value for their businesses by using our solutions. With more than 150 highly talented professionals, we have produced several useful apps for several kinds of businesses.

Our services include Android application development and design, mobility consultation, iOS and Windows app development, integration and maintenance.


Provide our clients with superior and reliable applications at an affordable rate while making the development process a pleasant experience for clients as well as our employees.


Be the most sought after application development company and responsive web design company in the world.


Why Choose Us For Mobile Application Development?

  • We have extensive experience with credibility, thus are apt at producing great results.
  • We have quality and operational expertise, and our dedicated workforce maintains that at all cost.
  • We believe in process driven work and pay attention to every minute detail.
  • We work at affordable rates and offer exceptional security and support as well.

We aspire to introduce significant and path-breaking changes in the way applications are used. We had started walking towards our goal since the very first day.

Deb Dulal Das - Company Manager

Mobility at its best!

As the mobile world is evolving at a fast pace, you need a quality and trustworthy partner like AppSolz to custom-make your mobile strategy. Our company works with for formulating an impeccable mobile strategy.

Our mobile strategy involves developing, executing and delivering mobility facilities that will enhance productivity of employees, open new revenue streams and connect workforce in a much improved manner.

With us, you can get an enterprise mobility strategy that identifies how to link mobile apps to the existing legacy apps, the tools that are needed to be used and how to adapt development processes to boost mobile application development and maintenance.

Our work in the niche involves mobile strategy and vision, architecture, and proof of simulation and concept.

Aimed at pleasing the end user

Each and every employee at AppSolz has a constant track record of designing websites and apps that appeal to the end users and impact their experience in a positive way. Our developers never forget that it is the end users who make or break an app. Hence, it is them that they have to please.

A bad looking and complicated user experience are the last things that a user wants. They want an application that has a pleasant design, useful purpose and an easy to use interface. This way, a user enjoys using the app; otherwise, it becomes more of a task for him or her.

Our developers make sure that the app that is designed is liked by the end users.

Do delays anymore!

At AppSolz, we keep a close watch on each and every project that we are doing. For every project that we take up, we create a firm management model and communication system. This gives you total control on any deviations from the schedule that was agreed upon.

We value you as a client, thus, we do not want you to get annoyed in anyway. We understand that time is money for you, and we certainly do not want your time or money to be wasted in any way, especially because of us.

This is why we try to put up an effective project management system at work, with which all projects can be completed within the promised deadline.

No compromise on quality

Product quality is of utmost importance to us. With several applications successfully tested across different platforms and niches of business, we can claim that we are capable of putting together the best of quality processes.

We value the reputation of our team. Hence, we do not want to do anything that stains it. We know that you come to us for the quality of work that we produce. So, compromising on that is as good as compromising on our reputation. This is something that we do not want. We have worked very hard all these years to earn the goodwill, and, we are certainly not to ready to lose this due to poor quality of work.

In short, we understand that bad work won’t take us long; hence, make it a point to produce quality work, so that we can go on pleasing you.

Support team at its best!

Once you close a deal with AppSolz, we take the full responsibility of the project including its support and maintenance. Our services do not end with delivery, but extend much beyond it in the form of support and maintenance.

We understand how helpless you feel when your app creates an issue and you have no one to sort it out. That is a scenario that you do not have to face while working with us. Whether it is a functionality issue or a bug problem, our team is always there to support. The developers, who have created your app, will take care of the technical glitch. So, you can be sure that it will be fixed the right way.

As far as maintenance is concerned that too is done at regular intervals.