7 Outstanding Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2016

by / Saturday, 23 January 2016 / Published in Mobile Application Development

With the advent of a new year, we see a buzz of unique and novel trends in every domain. The mobile app development field is not an exception to that. 2016 has arrived and so has many new impressive mobile app trends. While some experts are predicting the death of native mobile app development and the rise of hybrid app development, many developers are looking forward to the growth of cross-platform mobile app development. Well, it seems like mobile application development services providers will have to upgrade themselves a lot in order to cater to the new requirements.

Amidst all the predictions and debates, we have come up with a new blog post about the top seven trends that are expected to rule the mobile application development field. Take a look at the following.

  1. The Dawn of Hybrid Mobile App Development

While many developers nurture a soft corner for the native approach when it comes to mobile app development, the rise of HTML5 hybrid app development is one thing that this field is looking forward to eagerly this year. The reasons are quite obvious. Hybrid apps call for a hassle-free design (as it is based on a single code for diverse platforms). The native distribution of such apps ensures better visibility. The development process takes less time and involves low costs. Do we need to say more?

  1. The Increasing Demand for Cross-platform Mobile App Development

In the present times, we are spoilt with options when it comes to types of devices. Enterprises are working on multiple platforms. With the list of cross-platform tools ever increasing, the development of mobile apps is not going to be limited to just one platform. This very well indicates the growing importance of cross-platform mobile application development services.

  1. More Emphasis on Personalization and User Experience Using App Analytics

Offering highly personalized service is the major key to top-notch customer engagement. Mobile app personalization enhances user experience. In this respect, app analytics play a significant role. By identifying and knowing the trends user behavior with the technology, developers can create user-friendly front-end features to achieve customer satisfaction.

  1. Paying Greater Attention to Mobile App Security

Maximum online transactions are taking place through mobile apps. So, developers need to create apps that do not give any security trouble to the users. Your mobile app should pass the standard security tests to keep the hackers at bay.

  1. Adapting to ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT)

The concept of ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT is gaining fast popularity. The process of accessing and sharing of data should be simplified and IoT seems to pave the way for that. IoT is definitely going to revolutionize the mobile app development trends and 2016 will be a crucial year for that.

  1. Incorporating Cloud Technology for Better Functionality

The demand for instant synchronization of data across multiple devices can be fulfilled easily by the deployment of cloud technology. The functionality of mobile apps can be improved by leaps and bounds if they are integrated with this amazing technology. We can only wait how this integration turns out to be.

  1. Expediting the Mobile App Development Process

Mobile application development services providers must focus on reducing the time-span of the entire development process. This, however, does not mean you will make compromises on quality. With the passage of time, more and more people are getting familiar with smartphones and shifting attention to mobile apps for fulfilling a helluva of tasks, starting from shopping to online banking.

Many ecommerce stores have gone app only and those who haven’t keep on offering attractive app-only discounts to leverage the app mania amongst the millennial customers. Mobile apps are in huge demand. There is a big demand amongst businesses as well for faster mobile app development process because everyone wants to launch their product first in the market for credibility and exclusivity.

These are the seven mobile app development trends that we think will rule this year. Share with us what you think.

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