Consumer behavior in the 21st century is largely ruled by smartphones or to be more precise, mobile apps. Whether it is looking for a product review, shopping online for almost everything, knowing about the most reputed clinic in your area, or staying updated about the fluctuating weather conditions, mobile apps are there to help with

What’s the secret behind a perfect trip? It’s just proper planning and nothing else. Whether you are making a business trip or going for a holiday with family and friends, you need to plan well and plan ahead if you don’t want your travel to be a messy affair. In this blog post, we have

Is there any industry left where technology has failed to make its presence felt? The answer is a big no. One industry where technological advancements have brought about a revolutionary change is the travel and tourism industry. Travel apps have completely changed the way millennial customers plan their trips, whether business or personal. This is

As a travel agent, if you are yet to get a travel app, I presume you are not very serious about the future of your travel business. Without a travel app, you will lose out a lot of potential as well as existing customers. This is because a travel app offers an array of benefits

A huge number of apps are downloaded every day and travel apps constitute a considerable number out of them. A mobile app offers an excellent opportunity for a travel company to get closer to their existing customers and also, create a good platform for attracting potential customers. With a mobile app, you can promote and

Technology has generated impact on almost every field and travel and tourism sector is no exception in this regard. In present times, travelers are no longer interested in going through printed materials for real information, nor do they prefer to use desktop browsers for visiting websites of various travel companies. I mean why will they

According to Nielsen report, June 2012, 95 percent of the time spent by a good number of iOS and Android users involved searching for travel information on mobile apps. A meager 5 percent time was spent accessing travel info from mobile web. Truly, smartphones have emerged as the wonder device that not only fulfils the

Consumer behavior has changed a lot in the last few years. The platform for internet access has shifted from desktop to mobile. More than 90 percent of smartphone users use mobile apps to gather information and fulfill queries. A mobile app helps a customer to have loads of information with a single tap and in

We are living in a digital era when mobile technology has revolutionized every industry, including the travel and tourism sector. Before the advent of digital technology, people used to travel with maps and paper itinerary serving as their guides. Now, the scenario is totally different with mobile apps turning out to be the quickest and

Mobile users demand experiences which are more engaging than those offered to desktop users. However, they are constrained by time, capabilities and limited screen real estate. Businesses should think of compensating for these shortcomings with functionality. This helps to create a compelling mobile environment, effective in engaging and converting users and ensuring that users keep

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