Your Travel Business Needs a Great Boost with a Smart Mobile App

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Technology has generated impact on almost every field and travel and tourism sector is no exception in this regard. In present times, travelers are no longer interested in going through printed materials for real information, nor do they prefer to use desktop browsers for visiting websites of various travel companies. I mean why will they go for such time-taking procedures when they get all the information they want right at their fingertips with a mobile app?

Whether it is searching thrilling facts and latest travel information about a destination, booking flights, searching for hotels and making reservations or availing attractive deals, mobile apps seem to have caught the fancy of today’s travelers. Now, after exploring this hot trend revolving around mobile app, don’t you think it is high time that you must give your travel business the much-needed boost with a user-friendly mobile app?

This blog post will make you aware of the enormous importance that tourism app development is being given these days. The most vital thing is that it will continue to grow with the passing of every year since more and more people are embracing the immensely helpful features of smartphones. And mobile app happens to be the most functional feature of the wonder device called ‘smartphone’.

Take a Peek into Some Startling Statistics

If you are looking for the reasons why your travel company is failing to attract a good number of customers in the holiday season, perhaps, you have failed to stay updated with the some ground-breaking facts and figures. Your travel business may have suffered due to your inattention towards the following statistics. Here is why you should consider mobile app development India for your travel company.

1. 87 percent of travelers use smartphones during their tour – Isn’t it a huge proportion?

2. More than 70 percent of travelers resort to mobile apps when they need an efficient guide to plan travel – The days of guidebooks are really gone.

3. About 60 percent of travelers’ book hotel rooms on mobile apps – The mobile app is a rage among travelers currently. The easy-to-use, fast and personalized service and the feature of saving hotels for viewing and comparing later, and the option of accessing bookings when offline have proved to be very beneficial.

4. More than 10 percent of travelers use mobile apps to book a flight in a day’s advance – It seems a mobile app is working as last-minute savior and there is absolutely no wonder why tourism app development is on a high.

5. Close to 60 percent of mobile app users get facilitated by apps during their travel. They spend around 80 percent of their time in going through route maps, tourist hotspots and restaurants. This is really revolutionary!

6. According to Juniper, around 66 billion apps will get downloaded within next year. The good news for travel agents who are expanding their presence through a mobile app is that out of this gigantic figure, there will be a significant number of travel apps.

Now, when you are aware of the reasons why your travel business is not drawing in a lot of customers, you should take the most intelligent decision right now – a well-designed, informative and easy-to-use mobile app.

Need a Mobile App? AppSolz can Assist You

At AppSolz, our developers aim to create user-friendly mobile apps for optimal results. Since 2008, we have helped several businesses to achieve high conversion and sales rates with functional mobile apps and turned out to be the most reliable name when it comes to mobile app development India. If you are interested in growing your travel business with a mobile app, AppSolz is here to fulfill your requirements with utmost perfection and guaranteed success.

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