Almost all sectors today are benefitting from mobile apps, but the one that is currently leveraging the most is the travel and tourism industry. With a significant rise in the in-app bookings, MakeMyTrip,, TripAdvisor and others are coming up with more and more surprises on their mobile apps. These companies are truly utilizing the

What is the most popular platform today to access the enormous and enthralling world of Internet? It is mobile phones or to be more precise, smartphones and tablets. With the passage of time, more and more people are getting hooked to the small touch screen devices to surf the web world. The use of these

Is there any industry left where technology has failed to make its presence felt? The answer is a big no. One industry where technological advancements have brought about a revolutionary change is the travel and tourism industry. Travel apps have completely changed the way millennial customers plan their trips, whether business or personal. This is

Technology has generated impact on almost every field and travel and tourism sector is no exception in this regard. In present times, travelers are no longer interested in going through printed materials for real information, nor do they prefer to use desktop browsers for visiting websites of various travel companies. I mean why will they

Consumer behavior has changed a lot in the last few years. The platform for internet access has shifted from desktop to mobile. More than 90 percent of smartphone users use mobile apps to gather information and fulfill queries. A mobile app helps a customer to have loads of information with a single tap and in

We are living in a digital era when mobile technology has revolutionized every industry, including the travel and tourism sector. Before the advent of digital technology, people used to travel with maps and paper itinerary serving as their guides. Now, the scenario is totally different with mobile apps turning out to be the quickest and