The Growing Market For Android – Tips To Develop Custom Android Apps To Generate Revenue

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Let’s face the truth. The customers you deal with are on the mobile. In this tech savvy world, overlooking the needs and requirement of mobile technology would be asking for trouble, serious trouble. Everything is happening remotely, be it purchasing products, organizing meetings, or getting into video conferencing. Different application programs for smartphones are making their rounds. High dependability on smartphone devices and the concerning apps is what the new generation is up to. Of all the mobile phone interfaces, Android has enjoyed the highest amount of popularity. The interface is considered to be pocket-friendly, easy to use, and offers the option for compatibility with large numbers of custom-made applications. Android development in India is going on strong. The market is highly promising and career, prospecting. A recent survey highlighted the fact that nearly 80% of the world’s mobile users opts for Android-based smartphones. Naturally, getting connected to these users can be done best through suitable Android apps.

The Growing Market For Android – Tips To Develop Custom Android Apps To Generate Revenue

No matter how big or small a business is, mobile applications have become a necessity and not an option. The introduction of new apps helps in exposing people to different newer things while offering personal assistants and informative materials. Using apps makes it easier for people to cope up with the present day needs and requisites.  Using the smartphone apps has not only become an addiction but a necessity.

The scope of mobile app development

Android apps development in India has a certain fundamental appeal towards the businesses. Whatever the business tries to carry out online could be achieved through smartphones using the android applications. This promises not only technological enhancements but also portability and easy location targeting. Speaking about potentiality, the scope for mobile android apps is not limited only to marketing. There are different sides to cultivate for businesses by leveraging these applications into product promotional campaigns and services. E-commerce has benefited immensely through the introduction of android mobile applications. Be it the online shopping, monetary transactions, social media interactions, turn-by-turn directions, or customer loyalty programs, android apps development has paved new directions to make these tasks look relatively simpler and easier.

How scenarios were a decade earlier

It was not more than a decade ago when Apple first launched its major app for the iPhone. The concept immediately became a sensation with interests growing up beyond expectations. Looking into the high potentiality of app development, Google also tried to introduce mobile apps into the market. It responded with the development of Android interface and apps that meet the same. The major positive side to Android app development was the low-cost and user-friendliness. Not only the top level businesses or local stores, but the regular users also enjoyed immense benefits using the Android based mobile apps. Android apps development in India seems to be a profitable venture to delve into.

However, the contract projects could cost somewhere in the range of $2,000 to $10,000. The budget could well be slightly higher than those entrepreneurs who are planning to start-up their businesses. There are also other costs involved additionally like the ones required for software upgrade as well ongoing maintenance.

Any and every business that wants to delve deeper into android apps development in India should focus on certain important factors. There are different platforms and software solutions available to develop Android based apps. But it is essential to understand the requirement of such an app development. Targeting the right set of the audience is necessary. Reaching out the right segment of buyers could be a bigger challenge unless the right marketing strategies are followed.

Understand the type of purpose your app would serve

You need to figure out the purpose for which the app is being developed. What message would it be sending to the users? This is the most crucial aspect of any Android development in India. Before you dig deeper into the development phase, plan the circumstance properly. Also, figure out your requirement. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose behind the development of such an application?
  • What benefit would the application server?
  • What would the application look like?
  • What would be the design and feel you are expecting?
  • What would be the color, fonts, and logos to be used?

Be very specific about the type of content you want to include in the app. You can also integrate the app with social networking sites or blogs. However, you should have some existing content already published through this medium in order to make the approach work.

Understanding the audience is of primary importance

When going for android apps development in India, what matters most is to understand the right kind of audience. Remember, mobile based apps are of high demand. It is through the apps that people prefer interacting with their favorite brands and services. At least, this is what the modern era speaks of. This is why it becomes important to understand the needs and requirement of clients. With the introduction apps, users would be experiencing something new while embarking on a different kind of community feeling experience. This also assures better engagement along with terrific commerce opportunities.

Believe it or not, users and fans are seen investing higher in apps when compared to regular websites. More importantly, they look for more. There is always a strong demand for Android apps along with their updated versions. More features, better connectivity, easy to use, and less space are primary criteria for a good Android app.  However, it is also necessary to be loyal to your approach. It is not only about the visual content or pushing attractive messages. What matters most is delivering the right kind of material as being highlighted.

Clarifying the exact requirement

What is it that you want to achieve using the app? Remember, the success or failure of an app depends largely on the goal and purpose it fulfills to achieve. The popularity and demand of the app can be measured through the total number of downloads as well the returning clients. Are the customers returning back and asking for more? Is there a strong urge to grab the special features once upgrades are introduced? Is the content enough viral? Are their more new clients joining the fun on a regular basis?  All these points could be used in measuring the success of the android apps development in India.

With Android, nothing seems better

There used to be several other interfaces for smartphone devices in the past, and there will be. Be it Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, or Palm, nothing has reached the success and popularity of Android-based smartphones. Android is probably the most user-friendly interface for smartphones. It is easy to operate and can perform perfectly well on any smartphone or tablet device, irrespective of screen size, display resolution, and internal hardware contents. It is the user-friendliness that has made Android the most loved operating system for smartphones and tablets. Believe it or not, but the popularity of Android has even challenged iOS. Presently, the market share for Android is higher than iOS. Other rivals are simply fading from the scene. Presently, the war or competition is simply between Android-based devices and iPhones. Everything else seems so irrelevant.  However, Android apps are easy to develop and operate. More importantly, the apps are less expensive in comparison to the iOS-based apps.

How small businesses can be advantageous

Earlier, there used to be a common perception regarding mobile apps. People used to think that the apps were only for bigger brands and organizations. While a part of it used to be true, the introduction of Android apps development India changed the perception entirely. With the evolution of Android and associated apps, small businesses also started to gain advantages.

It’s not about bigger boys enjoying the benefit. There are formidable competitors available to take on these big boys. The introduction of Android OS ensured that the monopoly of iOS apps could be challenged and stopped. So, apps started to get developed for the Android platform. A large part of these apps started to become available for free through Google’s play store. Businesses started using them and soon found out about their effectiveness and unique features. What follows was a serious competition with other competitors where Android ultimately came out to be the winner.

Creating your own Android App

The question is: Do you want to create the app by your own? Or is there any kind of help from third-party solution providers you are planning to seek? What is it that you plan for?

In case you are looking for third party solution makers, planning the entire requirement, designing, and purpose would be the most important things to explain before the service provider. But if you are planning to get the job done all by yourself, scenarios could become slightly different. It could be tricky, time-consuming, and at times complicated, if the right steps are not followed. Remember, proper planning holds the key to success. With technological advancements, indulging into android development India would not be difficult. There are several software solutions available that could help you with the proceedings.

However, the primary part should be planning. What you actually require? What is the goal you are going to achieve through the development of the Android-based applications? Get figured out suitable explanations to these questions in order to proceed with the next stages of development. Designing phase is a crucial part and must be carried out carefully. It is the designing part that would attract people towards the app. More attractive the designing, higher chances of traffic redirection would be there. However, the content should also be apt. By no means should the users would have feel that they have been fooled. Therefore you need to be very careful with the content part also. The functionality of the application is critical towards the success of the app.

Essential features to include in the app

There are certain features that must be included in the app. This would result in better business growth through easy promotional campaigns. Have a look:

  • Promotional Tools
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Ad Revenue

Promotional Tools

The app must be well equipped with suitable promotional tools and elements. This would help in easy marketing and suitable promotional campaigning. The app must comprise of links to social channels, embedded links, and QR codes.


When going for android apps development in India, Analytics definitely play an important part in the process. The inclusion of Analytics in the project would definitely help in managing the app’s overall performance along with total usage through detailed Analytics Reporting.


Including Notifications feature into the app is necessary. It would help in reaching to more potential clients through reminders, ad pop-ups, deals and offers, and news on updates.

Ad Revenue

Revenue earning is a crucial purpose for every business. When you are investing your time, money, and effort into developing an app, naturally it would be preferred if some revenues come back to home. In fact, this is the concept followed by Android development India professionals. The app you just developed could be your door to earning some good money. Simply activate the ads and be rest assured to earn some quick bucks. This is probably the best revenue generating method available presently. However, it would be necessary to develop a solid customer base. This would help in generating the higher percentage of revenue. With more clients, the revenue generation process would be better and continuous since there would be more usage for the app you just developed.

Remember, it is all about the strategies and intent. The right strategy is essential to make your android apps development India enjoy higher success in the market. Stay strong, be positive, and never lose hope. Be confident in your approach and try to learn from the experts to make a maximum impact on your own proceedings.

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