Invite Tracker

Invite Tracker


Invite Tracker is an application meant for Sales Lead Management tracking. This app can track prospective buyers as you take them through your sales process right from invite to close.


Ryan Chapman came to us with the idea of an app that helps in sales lead management. After we have had a precise understanding of what he wanted, we presented to him a plan-of-action, mentioning our work process, the technologies that we would be using and the features that the app would be having. Once Mr. Chapman approved our blueprint, we began our work.


  • Server side web programming for the required server API
  • Server side web programming for the Admin back end
  • Programming for mobile app
  • User Interface design for the mobile app
  • The server side API had to be developed with the use of MySQL and PHP. The mobile application needed to be developed using jQueryMobile and PhoneGap mobile development framework.
  • Requirement for delivering the final package files of the app for iOS and Android platforms.


We used technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap framework to prepare Invite Tracker in a way that it meets all the expectations of the client regarding its functionalities and features.


  • Login with Facebook, password or email
  • Lead list creation
  • Lead details
  • Success tracker showing month-wise summary
  • Management of users and contact list by Admin panel