mobiChef – Android

mobiChef – Android


mobiChef is a comprehensive recipe book application that comprises delicacies and cuisines from all around the world. It is apt for anyone who wants to learn cooking at home or has a flair for experimenting with recipes. This application provides you with more than 25 recipes. If you wish, you can also add a few of your own.

The background

A particular client approached Appsolz with an idea of an application regarding varied kind of recipes. In the initial stages, we tried to understand their exact requirements, and then started working on it accordingly.


The project posed multiple challenges to our team. Some of those would be:

  • Designing it for multiple screen sizes.
  • Collection of varied recipes to be displayed in the application.
  • A firm deadline.


Our team at Appsolz used high-tech Android SDK and Java to design this application, so that it fits the screen sizes of Android devices and can fit in diverse kinds of recipes. The entire work was done keeping the quality in mind, and we completed the project within the deadline.


  • Full recipes and ingredients with images
  • More than 25 recipes
  • Search recipes by category and ingredients
  • Share with friends on Facebook
  • Modify or add recipes
  • Mark recipes as favourite for easy access
  • Categorise recipes in a much faster manner
  • Make videos of or capture your cooking process as images