Mobile App Development FAQ

Here you will get an answer for all your queries, which may involve general as well as some developmental questions. Read on to find out an answer to all the queries that you have for us.


There are several factors that go into determining the cost of developing an application. Hence, it is almost impossible to tell you a figure until and unless we get to know about your requirements and the features that you would like your app to have. So, we need to have a conversation with you, so that we understand what you want and tailor the best solution for you. Only after that we can tell you how much money you need to pay for the application.

Our clientele comprise mainly large businesses. However, we have also worked for mid-size enterprises that had a concept of mobile app.


Once your requirements are clear to us, our team prepares a blueprint for your app with pixel perfect screen designs. Our team defines each layout to you, including its features, functionality, UI and UX, web services APIs, etc. According to our experience, creating a layout before beginning the work saves time and money.

Thanks to the experience that our team has, it does not take much long to develop an application; and our developers keep the quality in mind as well. Never do sacrifice on quality for time. Right from receiving the content for developing the application to making it available in the app market, the entire process takes less than a month for us.

You only need to tell us how you would like your application to be like, or just for what purpose you need it. The rest shall be done by us. You do not need to be technically sound at all, because the technical part is to be managed by us. We shall be assigning a member from our team to develop the app for you. This person will be available to answer all the questions during our working hours (10 am to 6.30 pm).

As much as you want. We are always open to your suggestions regarding the graphics, colour scheme as well as smaller details like app icons. Our team uses the logo and other branding elements in order to ensure that the application is entirely tailor-made for your brand or company.

We take care of the entire maintenance process, right from hosting an application to debugging it. We make sure that the app developed by us runs smoothly on all mobile operating systems and mobile devices.