Mobile App is the New Platform for Business Success for Travel Companies – A Sneak Peek

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Mobile technology and app frenzy made their presence felt in almost all sectors a long time ago, but their entry in the travel and tourism industry is very recent. For the last few years, a large number of travel companies have been investing in mobile application development with almost every travel biggie like, MakeMyTrip,, TripAdvisor and reaching out to customers through mobile app. And, there are many good reasons for this move.

Smartphones and Mobile Apps

The millennial generation is hooked to the smartphones and the utility of smartphones very much lays with the large pool of mobile apps a user can download and install from the app market. Travel apps constitute a large number of apps downloaded worldwide. What is it actually that is attracting the customers to make their travel bookings on apps rather on the desktop sites of the travel companies? What is encouraging travel firms hire the services of mobile application development company India?

Travel Apps makes Travel Booking Faster and More Hassle-free

Gone are the days when people used to plan their trips three to four months in advance, stand in queue for train and flight bookings, refer to printed materials for routes and directions and ask strangers in an unknown city about restaurants, etc. Today, users are not even interested to visit the desktop website of a particular travel company for bookings and reservations. This is because mobile technology has offered them just what they need to make travel planning easier, faster and smoother in this fast world i.e. mobile app.

We are living in an incredibly fast era where we want everything in an instant. A travel app offers customers the convenience of performing complete travel booking instantly. With a single tap, one can book flight tickets, hotel rooms and fetch a comprehensive itinerary. Checking weather conditions or seeking tips for perfect packing, a travel app acts as a perfect travel guide today. It is worth mentioning that a competent mobile application development company India plays a great role in building the right app matching all the requirements of the client.

Now, customers are getting accustomed to customized and personalized services. A travel app acts an easy, fast and powerful medium of communication between travel agents and their clients. Travelers can check their itinerary anytime and even offline and stay updated with best deals and any confirmation or cancellation.

At present, travel businesses cannot afford to ignore this trend. Moreover, the travel and tourism industry has long been reluctant to welcome and acknowledge the usefulness of technology in prospering their business. But, the scenario has changed in the last four to five years. With the increasing number of smartphone users, in-app bookings have taken a massive upturn. Following the footsteps of MakeMyTrip and, many travel companies decided to draw the attention of millennial customers via mobile apps. The fact that in-app bookings increased by 49 percent this year compared to last year is a huge impetus for travel business owners to go app if they haven’t done that yet.
So, if you are yet to get a mobile app for your travel business, do not delay. Contact a good and experienced mobile application development company India to spread your business in mobile app and to reach out to potential customers fast.

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