Ten Mobile App Trends You Could Expect In 2015

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Developers are progressing toward a 5G scenario as one is witnessing the evolution of mobile devices. The shape, size and functionality of the omnipresent portable devices are constantly evolving in various directions. Statistics reveal that the number of portable devices has exceeded the world human population with around 30 per cent of consumers owning a tablet and 90 per cent a mobile phone. Demographics are playing a significant role along with proliferation as far as the mobile in 2015 is concerned. The radical change in the mobile scenario is being triggered by the millennials, who boast of a purchasing power as high as $2.45 trillion by the year 2015. The millennials believe that the best way to interact and stay in touch is the mobile. Only time will reveal what lies ahead, but here are some predictions regarding custom mobile application development in 2015, according to some of the authorities in the field of mobile and technology.

Rapid Mobile Development A Reality Today

Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up pace with the ever-growing demand for mobile apps. As a result of these demands, businesses expect to introduce new products faster than ever. The primary objective of mobile app developers is to cut short the development life-cycles and to reduce the period between Ideation and the ultimate Launch. The idea behind this was to deliver continuous value to consumers throughout the entire custom mobile application development process.

A Fight for the Wearables Market About to Ensue

As far as the wearables are concerned the mobile tech is about to witness a whole new phase. Google Glass has been adopted more by the business sector in comparison to the consumer sector, but it’s a dynamic world and anything can happen. The greatest breakthrough in 2014 in the consumer electronics industries, was the Apple Watch. The wearable technology and Apple Watch was the talk of the tech-world. Till date the wearable devices were mainly concentrating on the health-care and fitness industry. However, it is expected that 2015 is going to witness many enterprises using wearable devices for boosting their productivity and enhancing their efficiency. If rumors were to be believed, the wearable technology is soon going to invade the textile industry and the fashion world. A shift of focus from smartphones to the wearable devices is predicted in the ensuing months, across several industries.

Cloud-based Apps. To Meet New Demands

The cloud technology is expected to play a significant role in custom mobile application development in 2015. The increasing trend towards the usage of multiple portable devices and wearable tech, has compelled apps developers to focus on integrating and syncing apps on multiple devices. With the cloud approach, it is now possible for developers to build applications that are easily accessible on multiple devices with exactly same features, data and function.

App Security Still a Concern

We have come across several reports of information leaks and hacking in 2014. It is predicted by Gartner that around 75 per cent of mobile applications will not pass the basic security tests in the year 2015. There will not be any massive improvement in app security. Hackers would continue to take advantages of security loopholes in mobile apps to crack sensitive information. Mobile App Security would still prove to be pretty challenging in the ensuing months. Mobile app developers would need to concentrate on the security issue.

Beacon and Location-Aware WI-FI Services

Thanks to the Beacon technology the dividing line between offline and online is fading in the advertising and retail sectors today. It is expected that wi-Fi would be providing much more than the internet access. The major advantage is that most companies have invested in Wi-Fi already and cellular plans are showing a consistent rise in costs due to excessive data consumption by smart-phone users. Wi-Fi proves excellent for indoor experiences particularly in places where cellular connectivity is erratic. Businesses are now able to trace where their clients are based on access point location. They are able to put specific content on the customer’s mobile phone. Wi-Fi MX helps enterprises to connect with the consumers on their portable devices using Wi-Fi and provide access and information on locally relevant content and services.

Internet of Thing Will Extend Its Foothold

We are currently witnessing the exponential growth in Internet of Things as more and more consumers are getting connected via multiple devices. Apps are expected to mature further as they are getting integrated on multiple portable devices. The apps developers are getting motivated to concentrate on user experience across multiple devices.

Banking, M-commerce and Mobile Payments

Predictions are that around 19 per cent of retail eCommerce sales in the year 2014 would be through smartphones or tablets. M-commerce is becoming increasingly popular and showing a positive upward trend as increasing number of people are adapting to M-commerce. Mobile apps are designed to process transactions without using cash or physical debit or credit cards.
User Experience Top Priority among Mobile App Trends
User experience will be given a lot of importance in custom mobile application development in 2015. With an upsurge in smartphones, wearable devices and tablets, emphasis is bound to be on app user experience.

Multi-player Mobile Gaming

Multi-player games are in vogue. As such social media integration and social interaction within the games are assuming never before importance. During 2015, multi-player mobile games are predicted to be more cloud-based as these games require constant updates.


HTML 5 along with its development tools had been popular in 2014 itself. As the technology becomes more matured in the year 2015, more businesses would embrace it for developing hybrid mobile apps that are easily operational on multiple platforms.
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