AppSolz Company Profile

We are AppSolz, your end-to-end mobile app development company. Our main motto is to build mobile applications and enterprise solutions that transform the way in which you carry out business operations. Today, we can proudly say that companies all around the world are creating immediate value for their businesses by using our solutions.

Our services include app design and development for Android, iOS and Windows. Besides, we are also into responsive web design, mobile app UI design, HTML5 app creation, mobility consulting, integration and maintenance.

2006 > establishment

The beginning of the road

We began in 2006 with 10 employees, doing web design, web development and web app development. Unlike other companies we didn’t play safe in the initial stages. We took up all the challenging tasks that came across our way. Number was never a hindrance for us, because we always recruited the very best for our company.


Reached 50 employees

Now that we had better manpower, we started taking greater number of projects and tougher challenges. During this time, we were gradually becoming popular in the app development market. A difficult phase this was, nonetheless, very interesting!


Appsolz was created

Android had finally arrived and how! We had rightly thought that this OS is going to take the smartphone market by a storm. Hence, began our new sister concern Appsolz, and started preparing our arsenal to keep up with it. In 2010, we took up our first projects on Android, and continue to do so till today and deliver those with flying colours.


A successful company

After all these years, we can proudly say that we have a successful company. Now we have more than 150 employees, comprising Android, iOS, Windows and HTML 5 app developers. Besides, we also have responsive web and Mobile application UI designers. Today, we can confidently say that we are capable of taking almost any challenge as far as application development is concerned.