Partnership & Affiliates

AppSolz’s partnership and affiliate network programs are meant for building stronger long-term relationships with our clients. By joining hands with you, we aim at utilizing each other’s core capabilities and strengths. We have already developed mutually rewarding and satisfying partnerships and affiliations with several promising companies across the globe. We always believe in framing new relationships with businesses. You too are welcome to be a part of the AppSolz network of partners and affiliates.


AppSolz is looking to join hands with IT Product and Services Companies or IT consulting firms which are in search of expert services in the field of mobile application development. We can work directly with you as your mobile development partner. We are ready to work with your clients directly or behind the scenes to bring about excellence and great experience to the project. Give us a call, we promise to reward you with the best partnership model in this whole wide industry.


AppSolz Affiliate Program is designed to be mutually beneficial. With our program, you can optimise your network of business and enhance your opportunities of earning revenue. Besides, our association will also enhance your technical expertise, improve your resources and bring quick awareness for your company. Whether you are a media firm or a company that wants to step from print or web into the space of mobile, we can help you with the best mutually beneficial affiliate program.

Our services:

  • Custom mobile app development for iOS, Windows Phone and Android
  • HTML 5 application development
  • Responsive website design
  • Mobile application UI design

Basically, we work in two ways. You give us work and the responsibility of client management, and we pay you a commission for giving us the job. The other way is, you give us the work but handle the client yourself, and pay us for the work that we are doing for you.

If you offer the above stated services, and looking for a way to enhance your profitability and earn customer loyalty, kindly get in touch with us to find how we can help your aims.

With us, you can be sure of dedicated customer service and highly affordable rates.