Personal Event Planner – Android

Personal Event Planner – AndroidIntroduction

Personal Event Planner, as the name suggests, is meant for planning events and managing guest lists.

This application is an ideal solution for professional event planners. With this app, they can successfullyplan the key fundamentalsof a certain event.Personal Event Planner is apt for arranging conferences, meetings, weddings, tradeshows, fundraisers and parties. It effectively delivers user-friendly featuresthat can save time during  event planning. The powerful scheduler in the app allows the user to maintain the venues, manage clients’ agenda and add significant details.


Appsolz was approached by a particular client, regardingthe development of an application that helps in planning eventsefficiently.They had the idea, and we had the expertise to execute it.

Challenges and Solutions

The project posedquite a few challenges for the Appsolz team to work through. Hereare a few of them:

  • Designing for multiple screen sizes of different Android devices.
  • Reading phone book contact
  • A tight deadline


Our team of experts used the latest Android SDK and Java technologyto preparethe application for the different screen sizes of Android devices, and also enabledit to read phone book contact. Our team had to work extra hours to get the project done within deadline.


  • An effective event planning application.
  • This app helps organize and manage events like parties, meetings, conferences, weddings, etc.
  • Its user-friendly features are great for saving time.