Shop CRM kind of app

BusineX is a free Android mobile app offering premium assistance to SMEs. The app helps to redefine the functioning of small and medium-sized enterprises through greater transparency and use of cutting-edge technologies. It solves strategy and technical problems in business operations



The Offru app is your gateway to first-rate shopping for food, baby products, medicines, gifts & stationery and more. Spot the most lucrative offers on fashion accessories, electronics, home utilities and a lot more in one place. Thanks to this brilliant app, you can now shop your most preferred item and up your savings. shops

Tools 4 Management


The Tools 4 Management app comes as a wonderful opportunity for both emerging and established professionals to develop management, leadership and self-development skills. Users can access more than 500 management and career tools which can be bookmarked for reading later and also, can be shared on social media.

Just Delivering (Driver)


The Just Delivering app gives you the opportunity to become a food delivery driver for restaurants and various eateries, and stay connected with them to share the updates and status of the food delivery process.

Just Delivering


The Just Delivering app redefines local food delivery by functioning two ways to connect food delivery drivers with restaurants. On one hand, it is a great way to become a delivery driver. On the other hand, it enables restaurants to call drivers in the hour of need.



Wordzly is an amazing game app to solve jumbled words. Users can solve the jumbles between 8 changing tiles and this application does not need the use of Wi-Fi or mobile data.


Lifestyle App

FryDay is the perfect place to get hold of a huge variety of delicious recipes. If you love to make different chicken, fish, pork, Turkey and vegan dishes, download the FryDay app and have fun.

Drawing Keyboard


Drawing Keyboard is a fun app which helps users draw notes, messages, pictures, and letters and so on right from within their keyboard with a bevy of features, such as customizable pen colors and various keyboard configurations. Since the app works with many social and messaging applications like, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, etc, users can


Social Networking App

Legekammerater is a fun social networking app for children. Instead of staying lonely at house, your little ones can find friends in the neighbourhood on this app. Activation of GPS system is required for Legekammerater, but users can rest assured of the safe transmission of information.