Quranic Arabic


Quranic Arabic is an amazing app which helps to understand and translate Quranic verses with ease. If you have always desired to attain perfection in Arabic language, this app is your right guide. Quranic Arabic comes absolutely free.

Guess The Pic

Game App

Guess The Pic is an interesting gaming app which helps to improve general knowledge by guessing the names of different persons, places and animals by looking at their pictures. With more than 100 free levels and a wide range of pictures of India-based famous persons, places and animals and more, this app provides clues when

Lotto Assistant

Game App

Play an array of lottery games by downloading the great personal tool, the Lotto Assistant app which gives off random number sequences taking user input values. The app uses specific settings to produce sequences and allows users to create settings with three mandatory and two optional input fields.

I Eat Now

Restaurant App

I Eat Now offers customers the opportunity to look for restaurants, know about happy hours and events and get hold of attractive deals. If you are a foodie, this app must find a place in your phone. Download this popular restaurant app for absolutely free.

I Eat Now

Restaurant App

I Eat Now is a superb restaurant promotion app which helps users to search for restaurants and stay updated with happy hours, special deals and events info. Download this app and never miss an opportunity to indulge in a gourmet gala. I Eat Now comes for free.


Networking App

Now connect with professionals sharing same interests easily by downloading the BizzMeetr app. Create your profile in this wonderful app using your LinkedIn profile and once you sign up, set your location and interests to make professional networking swift and hassle-free. On BizzMeetr, all of your interactions remain private.

FMF Roam Free

Travel App

App description – FMF Roam Free is an app that helps travelers stay connected with their friends and family at home easily and without spending a lot. By using this application, you can forward your incoming calls from your home or mobile number to a prepaid number no matter in which corner of the world

Rapid Stocking Scanner

Utility App

Rapid Stocking Scanner is a wonderful app that eases and speeds up the process of placing products in store shelves by detecting the right aisle segment to place inventory. It also helps customers to get hold of their desirable products in the appropriate shelves with ease and speed.

Realtech Nirman

Real Estate App

Realtech Nirman App lets you explore the realm of one of the key architects of the new and promising West Bengal and a pioneer group in the world of realtors, Real Tech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. Keeping sharp focus on quality and armed with extensive experience, efficiency and creativity, Real Tech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. is making