A first-of-its-kind security app by a leading security management company, Custodian Safety & Security aims to make use of technology for the benefit of the entire society. It attempts to provide one-touch access security services. It offers HR Services, Fire Safety Management Services and Facility Management Services.

Trade In Town

This is a platform where customers and retailers can search for a variety of things by feeding the name, or city or area. You can check the description of the products and its price before making your final buying decision.

Swing Street Radio

Swing Street Radio is a one-stop solution for all you Big Bands and Swing era fans. Wherever you are, live Swing & Big Band music stream accompanies you through all highs and lows. Tap your feet to the music of Artie Shaw or Benny Goodman and swoon to the songs by Frank Sinatra, Helen Forrest,


CAReminder is an all-in-one car app which keeps track of pollution, road tax expiry, insurance and other renewals that you need to keep in mind. Just give your fueling data and service details and watch how the application analyzes your expenses.


Get in touch with your friends through iOne, a FREE chatting app allowing you to have a fun-filled and unique global communication, without worrying about language being a barrier. It converts the text used by your contact in your language and vice-versa. You may also share documents, videos, and photos with your contacts.


BusineX is a free Android mobile app offering premium assistance to SMEs. The app helps to redefine the functioning of small and medium-sized enterprises through greater transparency and use of cutting-edge technologies. It solves strategy and technical problems in business operations


The Offru app is your gateway to first-rate shopping for food, baby products, medicines, gifts & stationery and more. Spot the most lucrative offers on fashion accessories, electronics, home utilities and a lot more in one place. Thanks to this brilliant app, you can now shop your most preferred item and up your savings. shops

Just Delivering (Driver)

The Just Delivering app gives you the opportunity to become a food delivery driver for restaurants and various eateries, and stay connected with them to share the updates and status of the food delivery process.

Just Delivering

The Just Delivering app redefines local food delivery by functioning two ways to connect food delivery drivers with restaurants. On one hand, it is a great way to become a delivery driver. On the other hand, it enables restaurants to call drivers in the hour of need.