Just Delivering (Driver)

The Just Delivering app gives you the opportunity to become a food delivery driver for restaurants and various eateries, and stay connected with them to share the updates and status of the food delivery process.

Just Delivering

The Just Delivering app redefines local food delivery by functioning two ways to connect food delivery drivers with restaurants. On one hand, it is a great way to become a delivery driver. On the other hand, it enables restaurants to call drivers in the hour of need.


FryDay is the perfect place to get hold of a huge variety of delicious recipes. If you love to make different chicken, fish, pork, Turkey and vegan dishes, download the FryDay app and have fun.


WIKI OBD APP is a fantastic offering from The Diagnostic Box. This app is a diagnostic socket locator. With the help of WIKI OBD APP, car, motorcycle and truck and boat mechanics can now easily locate the diagnostic socket and fix problems.

We Are Here

We Are Here allows users to share their location by keeping the GPS on. The striking feature of this app is that the definite location of the user will not get identified. Although the app requires the GPS system running, it will not affect the mobile battery.


BizBoon functions as a one-stop solution for business people to connect and build networks, store documents, images and videos and share the files via email and also on social media. Download this handy business social networking app and get 10 GB cloud storage absolutely free when you sign up.


The Tools4Management app is the ultimate destination for availing more than 500 business management and self-development tools. With the addition of new tools every week, users can bookmark tools and share them on social media from the app.


The Trimeriet app allows users to check daily schedules and look for address and timebeksrivelser. You can also check whether any offer has changed recently.

Template Album

The Template Album app gives access to a large assortment of stunning website layout designs that have been created by professional designers. The templates are arranged categorically and have been selected from a huge stock of eye-catching designs. You are sure to find one going with your theme just fine.