Virtu Carte

As the name suggests, this application acts as your waiter, but only virtually. You can navigate through the menu and order the dishes that you would like to have via a phone or tablet, which will be provided to you. You can instantly view the total bill amount that is to be incurred. Finally you


Dating has never been as technology-based as it is today. Whether you are looking for a casual encounter or a serious date, this app can be of great benefit to you. With different attractive features like, view tracking, messaging, pokes, favourites, album, profile, etc., it gives you an opportunity to look for your ideal date.

My Doc Manager

This app basically helps you manage documents on personal level. With this you can organize all your digital documents in a convenient way. It offers innovative ways using which you can preserve as well as look for your personal data. You can also organize your documents according to the categorization as it is done in

Brain Challenge

This application involves a quiz game which is based on different popular shows on TV. It basically provides online exercises and games that evaluate the power of your brain. The app has an impressive collection of questions which keeps on appearing randomly for the user to answer. Its features include quiz levels, score points, lifelines,

Personal Event Planner

As the name suggests, this app is meant for invitee management and event planning. It is the best solution for people who are into the profession of planning events. It is ideal for planning weddings, tradeshows, conferences, meetings, fundraisers, parties, etc. It comes with user-friendly aspects that save on your time, when planning events.  

Wattens Erleben (Android)

The application offers current information on niches like offices, authorities, crafts, hotels, health, shopping and leisure in a user-friendly manner. It keeps you updated on voucher information, different news, offers and classifieds on smartphone as well as on Tablet PC. You can use it as a sensible and ideal guide. The application features a simple


This is an all-inclusive cook-book that can be used to prepare a variety of delicacies and cuisines. It’s an excellent application for anyone who is willing to learn cooking different dishes at home and for someone who has a flair for cooking. There are more than 25 recipes in the application. Besides, it also comes


Life becomes much convenient with this app. It has 20 essential utilities such as a compass, bar code scanner, speech to text tool, a BMI Calculator, a battery checker, call blocker, currency converter, stop watch, loan calculator, mirror, phone info, SMS reader, QR scanner, noise meter, scorer, torch, Slotter- a game, unit converter, seismo-graph (demo),

Wattens erleben (iOS)

This application provides information on the areas of offices, authorities, crafts, hotels, health, leisure and shopping in a user-friendly manner. It constantly keeps you updated on news, classifieds, voucher promotions, visitors, offers, etc. on your tablet and smartphones. This menu is a simple and sensible system that guides you along the shortest path in the