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AppSolz is a responsive web design company that believes in preparing sites for the gen next. We create responsive layouts that look beautiful across multiple devices and help you boost the overall traffic and conversion rate. Responsive design has become the norm of the day, if you do not have one; you are surely missing out on thousands of potential customers. So, get one as soon as possible.

Ever since the boom of smartphones, responsive web design is a service we have provided to various niches of business.

Needless to say, we excel in the field. Get in touch with us to find out how good we are.

Diamond Transport

Diamond Transport

Based in Nijeria, the company offers work and airport shuttle services to corporate houses and individuals. Shuttle bookings are accepted online and via phone calls.


Located in the beautiful Bow Valley, Canmore is a luxurious vacation rental with 3 bed room condo that is apt for tourists who are in for a long stay. The surrounding of the property is mesmerizing, thus, offering the best views and experience to the inmates.
Efficient Finance

Efficient Finance

This company operates on a global platform where businesses and investors can come together to improve the working capital, and liquidity in the relationship between the supplier and the buyer.
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Why Choose Our Responsive Website Design?

  • We offer you enhanced user experience
  • Our design helps you get better conversion rates
  • Our design enhances your site’s search engine optimization
  • We help you manage multiple displays with just one edit
  • With us, you stay ahead in the competition, thus, flourish more
  • We help you attract customers who are mostly on the go
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Expert people

AppSolz is a responsive web design company India that has an experienced team of professionals that believes in offering quality services. It does not matter what type of design you want, our team can surely create a desirable one for you.

Presenting us!

AppSolz is located in Kolkata, India. Ever since it’s opening in 2010, the company’s chief endeavour has been to offer quality services to clients. We have been developing our special team of responsive designers, ever since the concept came into being.

Thank you clients

Hugh Smith: Appsolz has given me a responsive site that I have always wanted. Their work process is extremely transparent. They gave me regular updates on the work process.
Harry Traven: Working with Appsolz was smooth. Thanks to their integrity and dedication. Their responsive web design team was always available over phone or online chat to tell me about the work proceedings.

Responsive Web Design, a Flexible Advantage

Responsive website can be called a device agnostic approach to deliver information. The speciality of responsive web design India is that it can adjust its appearance in every kind of device, right from a mobile phone to Smart HDTV, without getting distorted in any way.

Are you still wondering if a mobile-friendly design is at all here to stay or not?

The answer is an absolute yes. Information Technology is a field where change is the only constant thing. The present time is that of smartphones and tablets. People are using handheld devices to surf the internet all the time. So, if you think that you can carry on with your business successfully without catering to the huge group of people using internet enabled handheld devices, you are certainly making a blunder. Do you know why? Because, users hate to scroll up and down, and zoom in and out, which they need to do when they open a ‘non-responsive’ site in their smartphones and tablets. In fact, Google itself recommends businesses to have mobile-friendly sites for enhanced search visibility.

What we can do for you?

We have an array of services with which we can please you. We offer responsive web design services, creating websites that are optimized for online searches and meant for improving sales. The responsive sites developed by us can be accessed seamlessly across mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. All mobile-friendly sites developed by us allow you to attain more leads from mobile traffic. Thus, you no longer have to lose business that may be coming through mobile devices. With us, you can get cross browser support. To put it simply, mobile-friendly sites developed by us are meant to work with different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8, etc. Sites developed by us are high on performance. Last but not the least we are a responsive website design company that concentrates on creating sites for real people. Our developers always strive to solve the problems of end users.

Our specialities

We gracefully fit your site on all screens

Appsolz understands that responsive design is the norm of the day. Our designs are such that gracefully fits the screen of each and every mobile device. With us, you can be sure about the design, because our designers are experienced and have worked with all kinds of businesses.

Cross-browser testedCross-browser tested

Mobile-friendly sites developed by us can perfectly work on all the popular browsers.

Affordable priceAffordable price

We are one of the rare companies that produce quality work at affordable rates.

On-time deliveryOn-time delivery

We are a staunch believer in deadlines. We try our best not to cross it, until and unless an unavoidable circumstance crops up.

Well documentedWell documented

The work that we do for you is properly documented for your convenience.

Highly customisedHighly customised

We understand the unique requirements of your business, and design your site accordingly.

Best practicesBest practices

Our developers always follow the best practices when designing a mobile-friendly site for your business.