Top Travel Apps

It’s official. If you want your travel company to flourish in this digital era, you have to invest in a smart, fast and user-friendly mobile app. We have come up with a list of top travel apps that have struck the right chord with all the right features. Emerging travel businesses can surely take a cue about how to attract customers through a mobile app in this age of smartphones and tablets. These apps have earned the appreciation of trade pundits and the admiration of millions of users for their eye-catching design, easy travel booking features and exclusive deals. They have shown what it takes to ensure great customer loyalty.

Apps List


MakeMyTrip is the number one travel company in India and there are good reasons for that. Starting from easy trip planning and one-touch flight, bus, and hotel bookings to attractive deals; this app offers a complete and smooth travel booking experience. The MakeMyTrip app is available on all platforms and till date has won the hearts of 2.5 million users.


The Expedia app wows with amazing mobile-exclusive deals on hotel and flight bookings and also, on car rental. Apple watch users can stay more updated with flight, hotel and car alerts from this app. Expedia is available on Google Play and App Store.


Being India’s largest hotel network, Travelguru comes with the best deals on hotel bookings and holiday packages. Travellers can choose from more than 4 lakh hotels around the world with above 14,000 hotels in India. Travelguru is available on App Store and Google Play.


TripIt has emerged as the perfect travel guide from frequent travellers. It creates an instant itinerary when a user forwards all the travel details including the hotel, flight, and restaurant and car rental confirmation mails to TripIt is available on App Store, Windows, Android and Blackberry.


The TripAdvisor app makes it so easier for travellers to know about the best hotels and restaurants, lowest airfare and interesting things to do in a destination from more than 225 million reviews, photos and videos. TripAdvisor for Mobile is available on Google Play and App Store while TripAdvisor for Tablet is available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.


The Cleartrip app shows how much easier can be the booking of flight, train and bus tickets and managing trips. The major highlights of this app are one-touch flight bookings, zero extra charge on train reservations and access to all trip details in offline mode. Cleartrip is available on App Store, Windows, Android and Blackberry.


The HolidayIQ app is the only travel app in India where users can plan trips around 2,000 destinations in the country. Users can compare prices and make direct calls to more than 30 travel agents to grab the best holiday deals. HolidayIQ is available on Google Play and App Store.

TravelSafe Pro

With the TravelSafe Pro app, users can get quick access to the common emergency numbers when travelling overseas. The app works offline and helps travellers to contact the local embassy with ease. TravelSafe Pro is available on App Store and Google Play.

Packing Pro

For many travellers, packing is a daunting task as they are confused regarding what to pack and what to not. The Packing Pro app comes as saviour for them. Users just need to enter the travel destination, the duration of the trip and the travel companions and the app will help you with the list of right things to be packed. Packing Pro is available on App Store.


Skyscanner has become a popular app to search for the best deals on flight bookings. This app presents the ticket prices of a number of flights from various airlines. Skyscanner is available on Windows Store, App Store and Google Play.


FlightTrack is a 24/7 air travel guide giving detailed information about an array of international flights. What makes it a complete air travel app is the spontaneous info it provides on delays, cancellations and departure gates. Flight Track score high for its chic design and great user experience.


To get the most reliable and detailed info on weather in a city, the WeatherPro app is the best guide. Starting from humidity levels to cloud formation, this app gives a complete 7-day weather forecast for more than two million cities worldwide.

JetLag Genie

With this iPhone app, it is something next to impossible to be down with jet lag on a trip overseas. By putting in the destination name, travel dates and normal sleeping times, travellers can get benefitted with a wonderfully personalized alarm service to wake up fresh and energetic.

M25 Cams

M25 Cams promises a smooth journey for the motorists in London. With more than 150 live video feeds, this Android app helps motorists follow a trouble-free motorway.

XE Currency

Converting a currency has never been easier before as it is now with the XE Currency app. It offers live exchange rates and also saves the previous updated rates. XE Currency comes free on all platforms and is the most downloaded foreign exchange app (with more than 25 million downloads) till date.


Sunscreen is an iPhone app helping with amazing sunbathing guidelines along with a timer and alarm for sunbathing and a comprehensive UV Map forecast. This free app comes really handy for those who want to bask in the sunshine, but don’t want to experience sun damage.


Available on iPhone and Google Play, Tipulator helps diners to leave the right amount as tip. The usage is very simple. A user just needs to put in the total meal amount, choose the percentage he or she would like to spend for tip and tap on the calculate button to get the tip amount.

Air Sharing

Air Sharing is for those busy minds that can’t stay out of work even during their flight journey. It allows easy viewing, mailing, printing and sharing of documents and supports several file formats. Air Sharing is available on iPhone and iPad.


Campers and caravanners find a very useful app in the form of EHU which helps them to constantly check the electrical efficiency of their travel gadgets. It is available on iPhone.


Onavo does an awesome job of saving mobile data and helps users not to incur high expenses on mobile Internet. It works in the background and turns off automatically when the phone is connected to WiFi. The Onavo app is available on iPhone and Google Play.